akatsuki_(kancolle) anthropomorphism black_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush brown_eyes brown_hair fang gradient group hat hibiki_(kancolle) hug ikazuchi_(kancolle) inazuma_(kancolle) kantai_collection kawai_(purplrpouni) loli long_hair pantyhose purple_eyes school_uniform short_hair wink

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Their cheeks are fusing together.

If anyone is wondering how I removed aliasing in the last 3 images: (original image to compare)

  • Gaussian blur - 0.6px
  • Downscale to 60-65%
  • waifu2x - 2x, highest noise reduction
  • Downscale to original size
  • Touch up areas that lost detail (mostly eyes)
Dummy said:
Their cheeks are fusing together.
That's love for ya...
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