ahri_(league_of_legends) animal_ears blush breasts cum fang fellatio fingering foxgirl league_of_legends masturbation multiple_tails navel nipples no_bra open_shirt panties penis pubic_hair pussy_juice red_hair ricegnat school_uniform striped_panties tail thighhighs uncensored underwear undressing yellow_eyes zettai_ryouiki

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I wish there was no ugly dick in the 2nd part :x
Kinda hard to draw fellatio without also drawing a penis.
Could someone please explain zettai_ryouiki. Google returns "absolutely" which makes little sense to me.
kamenitza said:
Could someone please explain [zettai_ryouiki]. Google returns "absolutely" which makes little sense to me.
It means "absolute zone".

It's the slim expanse of skin between thighhighs and skirts or shorts.
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