anthropomorphism asashio_(kancolle) bell black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes bow braids brown_eyes brown_hair cake christmas drink eyepatch food glasses gloves gray_hair green_eyes green_hair group haruna_(kancolle) hat headband hibiki_(kancolle) inazuma_(kancolle) kantai_collection kashima_(kancolle) katori_(kancolle) kuma_(kancolle) loli necklace orange_hair pantyhose pizza red_eyes ribbons santa_hat school_uniform shigure_(kancolle) short_hair skirt sumisuzu taigei_(kancolle) tenryuu_(kancolle) twintails ushio_(kancolle) uss_saratoga_(cv-3) watermark white_hair yamakaze_(kancolle) yellow_eyes yuudachi_(kancolle)

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