animal blue fish silhouette

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The shit you find clicking on people's avatars...^_^;

While I like this, since I'm a tech geek, it shouldn't technically be allowed, no?
Simple and kind of funny; looks fine to me. ^_^
Well, it's not exactly anime/manga/game related directly...
Ya, I know; will it remain up? (Shrugs) As I said, it looks fine to me, but then again, I wouldn't really be hurting here if it was taken down.
Oyashiro-tama upload. Stays.
Nuff said...
Two years old? Don't bother...
korokun said:
Two years old? Don't bother...
And naikoto is using this as his avatar <3
Tensa said:
Oyashiro-tama upload. Stays.
Nuff said...
Who is this user "oyashiro-sama"?
Is he/she/it even a user?
User nr. 77. It's some kind of bot that was used to import image packs in the beginning (iirc). Correct me if I'm wrong, my memory doesn't serve me well most of the time.
It was also used to import posts from the first (crashed) konachan.
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