brown_hair couch drink green long_hair makise_kurisu no_bra open_shirt pantyhose raidou_zero steins;gate tie

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I wonder what that Lenny's face should mean
th2303 said:
I wonder what that Lenny's face should mean
Don't know but 25th of July is Kurisu's birthday. She is also @channeler(2channel basically) so I guess she likes memes.
Also as she seems to be drunk, maybe she just turned 20, which is the legal drinking age in japan.
Actually just looked at the source and it confirms this. But she may actually be 23 in this already if the artist wanted to release this on her birthday. You were wondering about the lenny face... am I overanalysing this picture?
Lenny will always be used on lewd situations. As LaaZa previously stated, it is also my belief that she's up to some kinky stuff on her birthday. More than likely with Okabe.
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