angel breasts brown_hair clouds cropped erect_nipples headdress loli original popobobo short_hair sky wings

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I really don't see any difference other than the top right sky is blueish in this one as opposed to it being greenish in the parent post.
brown hair instead of blonde - there is also a change in the flowers around the head. Whether this is enough of a difference to keep both....
- Her hair is more brownish
- alot of small detail in hair face are different (look at her ear for example)
- her headgear is altered

that is what I noted comparing the parent and the child post short
Yeah I see that stuff now, her mouth is also different in this one as well.
This is an artist's revision. It is different enough in lighting effects and added/removed content that I might consider this a different version rather than a revision.
Given the difference in her expression along with the other changes, I might agree. And I like the old expression better... We can keep both.
Emmy don't reparent them. Yeah both are gonna be kept but it would make a lot more sense if the REVISION is the parent
If we're keeping two versions of an image and neither one is safer, more complete or of considerably higher quality, then the first version should be the parent. If the first one was of lower quality or seemed incomplete compared to the second, then we would make the second the parent. But in that case the first one would most likely be deleted.
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