1991_(blz) animal animal_ears black_hair blush braids brown_hair cherry_blossoms clouds dog flowers food fox group hat headband horns hug ibaraki_douji_(onmyouji) inugami_(onmyouji) kappa_(onmyouji) koi_no_sei_(onmyouji) kuro_mujou_(onmyouji) loli long_hair male mask momo_no_sei_(onmyouji) moon mou_baa_(onmyouji) onmyouji orange_eyes petals pointed_ears purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyes sakura_no_sei_(onmyouji) shiro_mujou_(onmyouji) short_hair shuten_douji_(onmyouji) signed sky tagme_(character) white_hair yamausagi_(onmyouji)

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