bleach cloud_strife final_fantasy gun jin mokona polychromatic samurai_champloo shadow_of_the_colossus tonari_no_totoro urahara_kisuke weapon

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Amazing :O My head can not comprehend this amazing picture...
The signs are only making me more lost! (>.<)
Haven't you heard? Lost is the new found, my friend ;)
Well I know where I'm going... *looks up at blue sign*
The Absolute Vodka sign? I'll go with 'ya!

Or I'll go to that "Mr. Blue Sky"...Because Mokona.
So do I, my good friend. So do I. *looks down at the blue sign*

edit: Ninja'd!
Ah, well. I believe Tommy is going to follow the path of the gun. We can, however, become happy together.
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