gokou_ruri izumi_tsubasu kousaka_kirino ore_no_imouto_ga_konna_ni_kawaii_wake_ga_nai

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Internet says this is an end card for one of the episodes. I don't know the policy for that. Also I don't know who the artist is.
Usually an endcard would be deleted as a screencap. However, it just comes down to quality. Some endcaps are higher in quality than animated art. And with the right source or the right editing, they can be acceptable. However, most attempts at editing screencaps or endcards to improve the quality end up as failures.

In this case, it seems the quality of the characters and other foreground objects is considerably higher than that of the background and "speech" bubbles.

Anyway, this one doesn't need to be deleted outright. But these kinds of compression artifacts bother me more, so I probably won't approve it.
I rather like the picture overall but the eye color just seems wrong for both girls.
If we keep this, deleted post #161057 has a lot of votes that should be transferred. This image is as good or better than many on the site with decent foreground detail and good focus - imo at least.
If you think it's good enough, go ahead and approve it. I'm still considering approving it despite the BG, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if another mod approved it.

Though if someone actually cleaned this up somehow, I wish they would have done a little better on the BG.
Ultimately it comes down to quality, and this one looks fine to me. We already have a few endcards approved, e.g. post #220694, so it's not a problem.
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