2girls admiral_(kancolle) anthropomorphism black_hair blush breasts genderswap gloves hat kantai_collection kneehighs long_hair matsuryuu military school_uniform tears uniform ushio_(kancolle)

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Cool, an arm bar submission on the boss - although you would never get your legs to cross like that as the admiral's left arm should have prevented that. You also need to arch your back and lift your hips to really make it hurt. How to do Basic Armbar Submissions
I am not sure if the genderswap tag should be here- the player is the admiral, so the gender is not specified. Yes, male is more likely, but likely is not definite.

And I do think the admiral is female too seldom.
That hold looks like it would be ridiculously easy to break. Why not just roll right?
The arm-bar is extremely difficult to get out of from that position, when done properly. You don't get much time to do anything but submit; if you don't submit, your elbow will be broken. Ushio has the admiral's arm tightly held and from that position the admiral has no leverage. To roll right, the admiral has both pull her arm and overcome the weight of Ushio's legs and lower torso. All Ushio has to do is raise her hips a bit, that puts a lot of weight on the admiral's chest and neck while hyper-extending the admiral's elbow. Match over.
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