no_humans pokemon snorlax white

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don't stop there, i heard there's 2 of these motherfuckers lying about.
You see a roadblock, I see an OU competitive pokemon.
*pulls out a Glock*

Would this help?
mallcost said:
*pulls out a Glock*

Would this help?
I doubt it. Even if you were able to kill it with a Glock (which I doubt) how do you move the corpse?
yes, yes you are.

*pulls out a sachel of c4 blocks*

but not for long.
I surely think it would make a nice boom.
but remind, wear a helmet, it might shower snorlax :D
Why make it hard for you? To move snorlax you have to use Pokeflute.
Meh, I usually just went around. Let the fatty sleep till the end of time, for all I care –_–
let's use dito to copy snorlax and block the other routes XD
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