95 anthropomorphism os-tan windows

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I've never used a 95, I grow up on a 98. My first baby, still use it from time to time. :D
Cuda007 said:
I've never used a 95
me too
I wonder if there's a millenium edition character
There is. Green haired girl. me
alright, I noticed there are even characters for windows embedded compact & new technology
I used 95, I once installed it from floppy disk! Sooo many diskettes T_T
I still have my old 98SE. It is more stable than even this Win7, though I am fairly sure it's an issue with the model rather than the OS that causes it to reboot in the high-EM of the Uni.

MS have twigged on the popularity of vocaloid and like in a lot of things MS does, copied the idea.
I thought the OS-tans were fan made, like a lot of the vocaloids. D:

Edit: and MS isn't the only one with os-tans, ɔɐɯ has them and so does linuxs. Hell internet browsers has them aswell. -_- If only they had one for chrome, heh heh.
They were in the past, but not for Windows 7. MS Japan actually commissioned them, hence the reason they have names.

All the Firefox-tan are fan made, the only official one is foxkeh.
There're other Win7 OS-tans? I thought it was just madobe_nanami?

On a side note: Win7 is the only OS to get a Character Song ^_^ Sung by Nanami's seiyuu, Mizuki Nana (<<<MS REALLY got into the whole "7" thing...I wonder if they choose Mizuki Nana partially because of her given name...)
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