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abe_no_seimei_(onmyouji) animal_ears aqua_eyes brown_eyes brown_hair clouds doujo_(onmyouji) fang festival flowers fuji_choko green_eyes headband kagura_(onmyouji) kochou_no_sei_(onmyouji) kuro_douji_(onmyouji) kyonshii_imouto_(onmyouji) logo loli long_hair male minamoto_no_hiromasa_(onmyouji) momo_no_sei_(onmyouji) onmyouji red_eyes sakura_no_sei_(onmyouji) shiro_douji_(onmyouji) short_hair shrine sky tattoo torii white_hair yaobikuni_(omnyouji) youko_(onmyouji)

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