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aqua_eyes black_eyes black_hair book bow cake candy couch dress drink food fuji_choko gloves green_hair kenja_no_deshi_wo_nanoru_kenja long_hair male sakimori_kagami short_hair skirt socks solomon_(kenja_no_deshi_wo_nanoru_kenja) tagme_(character) twintails uniform white_hair yellow_eyes

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Not original, it's from novel. "She professed herself as a pupil of the wiseman"
The silver one is "Mira" or "Sakimori Kagami"
The black haired one is "Kagura of the seven stars"
And the green haired one should be "Solomon"
This from "She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman"
I couldn't find the name "Kagura" listed anywhere for this novel, so I can't make her a tag for now.
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