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I don't know what's going on here, but it doesn't look good. Complications with new cybernetics maybe?
The Artist named all his latest works "The Ocean of Sigh"
chuy88 said:
Complications with new cybernetics maybe?
Possibly but I am not sure that matters. The artist has done a good job at staging all the elements and artifacts that would trigger fear/apprehension in the viewer. The threatening looking surgical instruments. The obvious trauma of the patient. The surgeon's (or nurse maybe) sweat and intensity.

And then for those not triggered by that he has put in the obvious sexiness of the patient and the caregiver.

This could fit into a good story but probably never will be.
It doesn't really "matter". Like you said, it could fit into a good story, and as a result I try to come up with one. But if the artist has nothing further intended then I guess this is just a one-shot piece of art people can use for inspiration.
These have something to do with the Chinese game Warship Girls R (which is another ship anthro game). I believe the source says something about this having to do with the creation of the enemy fleet.

I'm just not sure if they're official characters or original characters the artist created to fit in to the world of Warship Girls R.
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