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Uh. So, this is an "oppai loli" and I usually go with the artist tags when things like this are uploaded. I changed the rating though, since her bits aren't on full display.
There is NO WAY that this character is loli, except if you are referring to and adult "acting" like a loli - which is sick imo.
Kiho said:
There is NO WAY that this character is loli, except if you are referring to and adult "acting" like a loli - which is sick imo.
It's a subgenre where artists give child characters large breasts and otherwise "adult like" proportions.

It's not typical loli, but I still tag it as such.

Edit: post #43276 is a great example of what I mean. It's just that we don't have a tag for it on Kona like Danbooru does.
I just assumed the lollipop was a subtle hint that it was in fact a type of loli. :)
I thought it's decided that we don't care about the tags of an artist, but only go after her look? We had those kind of discussion before I remember.
If it's loli, I tag it as loli. This is tagged as "oppai loli" on Danbooru too.

The argument we were having was about a non loli character who Ryu THOUGHT looked like a loli.
So and if an artist uploaded an images with a girl that looks like a loli but doesn't has the tag what's with that? I'm kind of confused..
If something is obviously a loli, then it goes without saying that you tag it as such no matter what tags are used.

I just don't wanna give people the chance to upload explicit loli on the basis of "Oh but she has boobs!". We're not supposed to have explicit loli on this site.

She might not look like a child, but the artist intended her to be one. It's a dumb loophole, but it's still a genre that exists in the anime world.

P.S. Now that I'm looking at the source again, it's tagged as both "loli" AND "oppai loli". And, in this case, it's clearly not referring to Lolita clothing.

P.P.S. Even I've passed up on uploading certain things that didn't LOOK loli because the artist tagged it "loli". It just happens sometimes.
It aren't only her boobs who say not loli, her body says it as well. But if you say so it should be tagged as loli I'm okay with it. Just happy that it doesn't got deleted though..
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