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Hmm could be pussy_juice so I go for a e rating.
I'm going with plain water or sweat since it's all the way on the front of her leg. They seem to be near an onsen too, so they might've just gotten out of the bath.
First thought too, but it's a bit strange that the water is only at this place. Should be more, when coming out of the water.
Well they BOTH have water on their shoulders/arms, breasts, face, and ass too. Could be they're free spirits who aren't too concerned with getting dressed post bath and they're letting themselves air dry. Air drying is nice. Or, like I said, it's just sweat from being so near the hot steam.

I've noticed that lots of artists will never make a girl totally soaked, even if she is rising from an ocean or pool or bath. I guess it's an aesthetic thing.

Edit: And, looking at Asa no Ha's other posts, I see that he doesn't really tread in to explicit territory much, with only a single post being an exception.

Edit 2: I just translated the source and it does in fact take place at an onsen. This...ASMR thing. So there's extra ammo for the water theory. :p
Maybe I didn't noticed the other places of water bc there isn't really much of it (Maybe I'm getting old *sigh). I'm totally okay with an q rating here. I was just wondering.
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