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kinda off topic
Asuna must be playing this game for years.
This, and her right hand look like it's inverted. That's confuse to me, on her perspective that would be the right arm, but I don't know if I need to refer as left arm. The one touching the right side of the image >_<
I don't care what it was labeled or whether it is cosplay or not. With baby-bearing hips, thunder thighs and boobs in no way pettanko: it isn't Asuna.
Asuna boobs NSFW.

Edit: 10/09/2019

otaku_emmy said:
kinda off topic
Today I saw that, I didn't understand why, I mean, she drew the older Nezuko, which is clearly not loli, "DoN't LeWd", BS, I hope this does not influence her in the future when drawing some other character that is originally UnDeRaGe, aside from that, I think Nezuko has the best character designer I've seen at least this year.
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