admiral_graf_spee_(azur_lane) admiral_hipper_(azur_lane) aliasing anthropomorphism aqua_eyes ark_royal_(azur_lane) azur_lane bache_(azur_lane) bailey_(azur_lane) belfast_(azur_lane) benson_(azur_lane) blonde_hair bloomers blush braids breasts candy clouds deutschland_(azur_lane) doggirl fang food gray_hair green_eyes group hammann_(azur_lane) hato_haru headband headdress kisaragi_(azur_lane) laffey_(azur_lane) le_malin_(azur_lane) le_triomphant_(azur_lane) maid mutsuki_(azur_lane) ning_hai_(azur_lane) no_bra ping_hai_(azur_lane) purple_eyes queen_elizabeth_(azur_lane) sirius_(azur_lane) sky tagme_(character) thighhighs twintails u-47_(azur_lane) underboob vampire_(azur_lane) yuudachi_(azur_lane)

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Reminds me of a certain scene in Rosario vampire where they have a tandem race at Yokai Academy.
Well it is impossible for me to know who is the furthest girl (short blonde hair) from rest I have already tagged all
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