apron elbow_gloves fangxiang_cuoluan garter gloves gray_hair headdress maid original panties stockings thighhighs third-party_edit underwear upskirt white

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Artist- Name here: fangxiang_cuoluan
Artist- Name on other sites: hoko_sakuran
Would not it make sense to change that?
I'll look in to it soon, Gnorf. ☺

Edit: We're not changing it. Danbooru uses the same tag as us (and doesn't list ANY other aliases, btw), and the fives posts on Gelbooru credited to "Hoko" also have Fangxiang on them.

And I never trust Yandere with artist tags.

Edit 2: As a matter of fact, I have NO IDEA where they even got "Hoko Sakuran" from.
Yandere didn't take on the same artist standardisation as danbooru have, it may well be an old user name. Danbooru tags are duplicated to Gelbooru.
I generally use the same tag as Dan/Gel simply because it's easier.
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