admiral_graf_spee_(azur_lane) akagi_(azur_lane) akashi_(azur_lane) amagi_(azur_lane) animal animal_ears anthropomorphism ayanami_(azur_lane) azur_lane belfast_(azur_lane) bird bismarck_(azur_lane) black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blush braids brown_hair bunny_ears bunnygirl cape catgirl cleveland_(azur_lane) crown deutschland_(azur_lane) dress enterprise_(azur_lane) foxgirl gloves graf_zeppelin_(azur_lane) gray_hair green_eyes green_hair hammann_(azur_lane) hat honolulu_(azur_lane) illustrious_(azur_lane) japanese_clothes javelin_(azur_lane) kaga_(azur_lane) kisaragi_(azur_lane) kurot laffey_(azur_lane) logo loli long_hair maid mutsuki_(azur_lane) navel ning_hai_(azur_lane) orange_eyes pantyhose ping_hai_(azur_lane) pink_eyes pink_hair ponytail prince_of_wales_(azur_lane) prinz_eugen_(azur_lane) purple_eyes purple_hair queen_elizabeth_(azur_lane) red_eyes red_hair san_diego_(azur_lane) saratoga_(azur_lane) skirt stockings tail thighhighs tie tirpitz_(azur_lane) twintails u-81_(azur_lane) unicorn_(azur_lane) white_hair wink yamashiro_(azur_lane) z23_(azur_lane) z46_(azur_lane)

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Added all the tags that were missing. c:
I like Kurot's Azur Lane works the most of all the Azur Lane artworks. The style is so cute and clean.
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