armor blonde_hair blush breasts cleavage demon drink gray_hair green_eyes group hololive honey_strap horns japanese_clothes long_hair pointed_ears ponytail purple_hair saionji_mary shiranui_flare shirogane_noel short_hair suou_patra tonari_no_kai_keruberosu yellow_eyes

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Dunno got confused by the tags the artist used.
So I just leave the tagging for a kind soul who knows the characters better.

Edit: Thanks for edding the tags, Sci
If the artist has already tag all the characters but you don't know how to translate them, a trick that I use with my danbooru account is copy the image link and start the search when posting, danbooru automatically translates the names and compares them to see if they exist on the site, the names that appear in this image for example are:
suou patra
saionji mary
shiranui flare
shirogane noel
I was just a bit confused bc the name *saionji mary* is for a character in honey strap. But the artist tagged it with hololive. So that was a bit confusing. And thanks for the advice. :3
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