aqua_eyes blonde_hair breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cropped dokyuu_hentai_hxeros group hoshino_kirara long_hair momozono_momoka nipples nude orange_eyes pink_hair ryouma_(galley) shirayuki_maihime tenkuuji_sora twintails white_hair yellow_eyes

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Keep in mind that Yandere artist tags are wrong 90% of the time.
Only because they kept older tags which were inconsisstant in how they were determined - some are pixiv id, some are what the artist chose as nickname.
Might need to look at this one later.
So many? Okay, I will watch out.
yeap many times I've noticed too that artists, copyrights or even characters are bad tagged there
SciFi said:
Might need to look at this one later.
I don't know for sure, but I think this is the tag we've always used. Plus it's what Danbooru uses.

I only knew to "correct" the tag because I recognized the art style.
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