animal animal_ears arknights blonde_hair breasts candy cape catgirl cleavage collar gin79 green_eyes lion lollipop long_hair petals ponytail shorts siege_(arknights)

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Then there are problems with this image but none with this other okey..
There is some rather bad aliasing in her hair in that image, I would have probably not approved it. However I am not the only moderator here. If you do not agree with my decision, please post your appeal here. You are also free to read through the evaluating image quality page for a more clear explanation of why I did not approve this image.
For the record if the aliasing hasn't made the image completely jagged we don't care about it.
Commenting there is the same waste of time as in danbooru topic so no thanks, and I've read that thing long before I started posting months ago.. but I still see inconsistencies like the post of Dreista with that upscaled background but apparently with that there isn't problems
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