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animal aqua_eyes ass barefoot blush braids brown_hair cat long_hair mwwhxl necklace ponytail pool reflection school_swimsuit sunglasses swimsuit undressing waifu2x water watermark

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How come it's saying "413 Request Entity Too Large" when I'm only trying to 1.6x enlarge a 1000x563 image?

I like the version without sunglasses better, but waifu2x is giving me trouble...
Open the image with paint. Change the format. From jpeg to png. And try it again with waifu.
That didn't work. And I just tested it with different images and it (waifu2x) works fine. I've also never had this problem before...

Anyway, you can upload it if you'd like. It's not a huge deal.
Uuh okay. Stupid thing. It helps sometimes. Well let's see if waifu let me.
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