border_reign building city clouds elbow_gloves eyepatch garter_belt gloves green_eyes group kanola_u kin'un_(border_reign) koubu_(border_reign) logo long_hair night ponytail purple_hair red_hair shorts sky stars tagme_(character) thighhighs white_hair yellow_eyes

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I know I have seen them before but...argh!
Maybe not. It's from the same RPG game as post #304864 and I think it only went live April 16th.

Edit: So apparently the logo is the same as the "Border Reign" logo, but from what I can tell one game is Japanese and one is Korean. And the Korean one doesn't seem to be called "Border Reign".

Edit 2: Ohp. Nope. It's a Chinese game that they later made Japanese and now a Korean version of. I need to sort that out now.
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