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Hm the artist doesn't use this kind of resolution. Could be upscaled as well.

Fantia posts are in 2400x1600.
Pixiv is around 1200x800
It's difficult to tell when we don't have a source, That way we could compare the original image with this one.
Hmm il see if i can find the main source late but i cannot promise much.

Mod Edit: Alright i've looked over their pixiv account but i cannot find it on any of his illustrations which has gotten to me to two somewhat accurate conclusions? (as i refuse to look over 20+ or whatever pages of their art)

(need to remind myself not to write while stressed)

1: This is one of their older artworks thus it cannot be found easily.
2: They removed their piece from pixiv or made it private.
I made the decensor and I found the original on exhentai. I'm not really sure how the original got downscaled (from 1600x2400) at some point but it looks like I uploaded it to Gelbooru without noticing that fact after I did the decensor. Only thing thats been changed here is its been rotated. I'll see if i can find the exhentai link.


Its possible it was too large for waifu2x to antialias (i use that as my final step before I upload my stuff to help clean it up a bit, since GIMP is utterly useless at antialiasing) and might have had to downscale it, I honestly couldn't tell you, but that sounds like something I'd do.
Thanks for clearing it up!
So it's downscaled but that shouldn't be a problem I guess?
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