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I can't get the wierd looking faces out of my head.
I don't mind them personally, but Yuudachi's is a little weirder than the rest.
This artist is not very good at drawing, imo. Like Kazenokaze, they seem to only be able to do one type of face, and that face isn't terribly nice to look at.

The only person who ever uploads their stuff is Gnarf.
I like it. So I upload it. The tastes are different.
Hey, if it works for them and their fans, so be it. xD
NekoWolf said:
Hey, if it works for them and their fans, so be it. xD
First upload over 5000 pictures yourself. Then we could continue talking.
Comparing uploads and such is pointless. If people enjoy the art, they'll enjoy it, if not, oh well. Get over it man.
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