anthropomorphism azur_lane barefoot beach blush clouds drink flowers gray_hair headphones leiq le_malin_(azur_lane) long_hair navel sky sunflower swimsuit water

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This one was a big mess.
Some details are lost. Is it still okay?
It's good enough i say no complaint over ere.
Well it's fine if you don't look at the image at full res, otherwise it's super duper blurry.
Yesss, that's why I'm asking if the quality is for Kona okay. Still learning with photoshop.
I'd be okay with leaving it, since this is actually a style some artists use. Seems to be okay with other users too.
That is really blurry compared to the original. Why not just waifu2x this instead? I am sure it will look better. Gaussian blur does not go smart about removing jpeg artifacts. The linework is pretty thick here, perfect candidate.
It's too big for waifu2x. It'd have to be downscaled first. Which we do allow on a case to case basis.
The banding in the blue sky really bothers me. It's far worse in the original though.
What do you mean too big? I use C++ fork, there is no limits to how big the image is. Though i have one of those pre trained CNN models.
Nothing is too large for waifu2x if you have a decent pc.

*Edit: I don't expect that to fix the banding though.
Do you guys have a paid version? Emmy and I use a free one. With a limit in large, sadly.
Try a different developer. The base code is free to use, so while one developer may charge for their program, others will not.
Honest to God didn't even know there were different versions.

Still, I'll stick with the free one.
There should be at least a few free ones that don't impose any limits.
This One. I use cmdline tools, but it appears to also have windows gui version based on readme. All link there.
Do you know some trustfully ones?
I don't want to download on unknown websites.
Zolxys said:
There should be at least a few free ones that don't impose any limits.
Well I really only use it for too-small posts in the first place, so I imagine ya'll's advice would be better suited for Miss Yume. I tend to avoid huge images like the plague.

Thanks though, you guys.
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