2girls barefoot blue_hair breasts cirno dark_skin fairy fang food fruit hong_meiling loli long_hair nude ponytail pool red_hair shade shirosato short_hair sleeping summer touhou water watermelon

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It may be difficult to see but Cirno has a darker skin tone, So i added the tag dark_skin as i find it appropriate.
Love me a lil tan Cirno. :3
I honestly feel like it's just the shadowing, because look at the other girl's leg. super white, but because the light is there. And both the girl and cirno have the same color shadowing
Incorrect Matt look up tanned Cirno and you will understand more, Either that or look closer.
Oh god don't call me Matt

edit: and just looked it up. THIS POST HAS THE dark_skin TAG AND SHE AIN'T EVEN LOOK DARKSKIN WHAT LOL. imo she don't look that dark in this post but that dan post i linked takes the caaake
The shadowing is tricking your eyes dude, You should get your eyes checked.

:Edit also the site doesn't have a tanned tag and they frown upon adding new tags they have not approved off so you'll have to deal with it:
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