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This looks awful. It took me a while to figure out what the body parts are. I did not see the original so this may be the best crop you can get, but still just does not satisfy my intuition. Though I was looking at it a bit zoomed in, looking from afar gives better view.
To me it looks clear she's turning around, but if it looks bad anatomically or whatevrrr feel free to delete since otaku has a SHARP eye for such things.

Idk like It think her face looks SUPER cool (and ugh she DOES have a killer butt in the original) but yeah
I think if you were to crop this somewhere about right under the boob,(where the right red stripe ends) would have been way better, plus you get the rest of the head for free. Image should be no brainer, but if I have to stop for 20-30 seconds to figure out what is being shown, you know something is off. The only reason it is clear to you is because you have seen the original.

I've noticed that you have a pretty poor taste at cropping, which is strange given how long you've been here, it's like your weights and balances are broken and you can't decide what you want, girl's head or butt so in the end you go for something in the middle that ends up being the worst case scenario. Or you are just being scared to cut off some parts entirely out of the picture.
This is how I would have done it. Also notice how this is also gives you a lot better AR, and in which case since you always want to think of images here as a wallpaper is also a plus. One more trick, I always aim for AR that is close to number 1.61803398875 which is the "golden ratio" because it tends to work very well on variety of monitors and scaling from that to standard resolutions does not distort the image whole lot. That way you can cover a lot of use cases. Of course do that only when you have non standard resolution image anyway. A lot of times you can round it off to 1.6 which is standard 16:10.

I can write this as inequality.
x <= 1.6 or x >= 1.618
where everything on the numberline will progressively get worse with more deviation.
mattiasc02 said:
People here seem to like it tho (score wise)
I've told you before, users like tits regardless of whether the art is very good or not.

I don't like the image either, but not necessarily because of how it was cropped.
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