aria_(prison_princess) ass blue_eyes brown_hair dress game_cg gloves long_hair panties prison_princess thighhighs underwear yam2344

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*sees icon* BOI! Is this actually a screenshot?!
Yea is this really a screenshot it's reallllly difficult to tell.
I found them here.

These also originally come in JPEG (except the transparent background one I uploaded. That came in native PNG), but I HAD to clean them because the artifacts were excessive.

I don’t know if they natively come in PNG, but there isn’t a rule against job cg’s and I couldn’t PNG anywhere else, so perhaps they’re natively jpeg. However… omg if these are screenshots then oof I had no idea and I have no idea what that icon on the top right means. This game is for the Nintendo switch (it’s… so funny XD)
bruh all 6 inifinite stones in a prison, god damn. :v
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