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Not that it's the end of the world, but just a teeny reminder to be a little more careful. You're 16x18 off... sorry... I notice these things
>.< (runs)
I cropped over 50 images the one day. I didn't cared about that thing I have to say.
Please be sure to tag cropped if you notice any unexpected cropping of the content, no matter how little it is.

*Edit: And replacing them is certainly warranted.
Zolxys said:
Edit: And replacing them is certainly warranted.
Oh damn damn XD. Honestly I don’t think this is so bad as to warrant the CROPPED tag, since it was INTENTLY used to only crop borders. Buuuuuut. If we are gonna play the replacing game, I would send battlequeenyume my cropped versions. I think playing the replacing game is umm… pretty messy especially since this is SUCH a large art book, but I’m… yahhh.

Honestly, Ima upload a video of me cropping something and to show case why my cropping is so good (because it’s an app I use it’s really good but I can’t explain it in words so I will post a video on the forums… um… someday)

Edit: I’d leave these for now. Just… wait for my video. My video is gon be bombbbb ❤️ I pinky promise
Don't double post comments.
otaku_emmy said:
Don't double post comments.
Sorry, accident. I modified it (blegh I’m on my friggin phoneee)
If ANY content was cropped that wasn't necessary to remove the borders or flaws along the edges, it should be tagged as cropped. Please be sure to at least tag any you notice.
Normally I do care about that but it were so many...I'm sorry. Paint is really a pain in the as bc it doesn't cropped in a straight line.
You're good Yume don't worry about what Matty says you're doing fine as is, Besides Matty you don't have the right to talk shit about crops like that seeing as you're awful with it you're just bringing others down with you at this point.
Thanks for your kind words, Agony, but Matti is right in some point. I should have been more careful.
PrimalAgony said:
you don't have the right to talk shit about crops ...
Not a nice thing to say, dear. He's a human just like you, if not for his right to talk, we wouldn't have gotten important information about the image. Though he did say some unnecessary bla bla bla...
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