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What about those points..or pixel? What is it? Have seen this now and then.
I can't really see it right now (on ye olde tablet), but it might be something called "dithering". It's present in lots of the Cinderella Girls official art by Annin Doufu. Zolxys told me about it.
So it's like a style you can decide to use?
I'm not smart enough to describe what its use is. This is from Wikipedia: "Dither is an intentionally applied form of noise used to randomize quantization error, preventing large-scale patterns such as color banding* in images."

*Color banding
Hm, it's more lika an error then. Thanks for the answer. :)
Well it's applied intentionally to improve the appearance and blendability of the surrounding colors, I guess. I've only ever seen dithering present in HQ PNG images.
Oh I have seen it in a few photoshopped images as well.
Dithering is largely obsolete. Though, you'll still see it in GIFs since they are limited to 256 colors.

It's basically a method of preserving image quality when reducing color depth, or when a reduction in color depth is expected.

I have no idea why there are a couple of companies that see fit to use it in this day and age.
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