anthropomorphism aqua_eyes azur_lane black_hair blue_hair blush breasts cheshire_(azur_lane) choker cleavage collar garter_belt headdress long_hair navel neptune_(azur_lane) panties sechka short_hair signed stockings thighhighs underwear wristwear yellow_eyes

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Does the scale seem off to anyone else? Like Cheshire is bigger than she should be?
She does seem a bit large compared to the other girl.
Yes. Would work when neptune wasn't infront of her. So neptune should be bigger than cheshire.
Yeah, cuz Neptune is sitting IN FRONT of Cheshire's legs but Cheshire's body is scaled larger. And it's not just a forced perspective thing.

(It's not heinous enough to delete, imo, I just wanted to make sure my eyes weren't lying to me.)

Edit: Ninja'd. :p
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