I'm glad I was born in a world where Miku exists
Same (Me too/I agree)
(I) Love Miku's voice
I listen to Vocaloid every day
How many times has this song saved me
Thank you, god!
I'm glad I met Miku
I definitely love Miku
...love her too much
...love Hatsune Miku
Thank you very much for releasing this song
...love you
Miku-chan, I lo-
I love Miku
I've come here again
Japanese internet slang for clapping,
8 = hachi/pachi,
pachipachi = sound of clapping
I'm happy I found this song
I love you
...ne Miku is the world's treasure.
-chan, I love you!
I don't know how many times I've come to listen to this.
Fan for life...
Please continue letting your wonderful voice resound even from now on.
asagao_minoru hatsune_miku signed vocaloid

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