amane_misa black_eyes blonde_hair book choker cross death_note garter_belt gothic long_hair mano_aaa necklace skirt twintails white

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I do be hatin' her proportions doe.
I assume you mean that's she is too thin.
PrimalAgony said:
I assume you mean that's she is too thin.
She's stretched out like taffy fam. Elongated. Looks quite unnatural, it does.
I was not gonna upload this one, but then I though real hard and thought to myself that not only it looked pretty but more importantly that TECHNICALLY, it could just be the dress she’s wearing. Like, if you imagine a nice, proportionate naked body and then put that dress on top, it would like the same, meaning it’s just that her outfit is like, so taffied out that it touches her knees.
Naw, it's 100% her body. That's just a tee shirt and miniskirt. If her legs were included she'd not doubt look full on nightmarish. But lots of artists aren't great with human anatomy. Which sucks because this is drawn well otherwise.
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