artoria_pendragon_(all) breasts candy cleavage cropped fate/grand_order fate_(series) lollipop moon necklace night ponytail ribbons saber saber_alter shirt shorts stars tidsean yellow_eyes

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I always hate pictures like this one cause i fail to exactly see how this is able to be used as a wallpaper at all it just looks like a regular picture not a wallpaper it's just ugh...
mattiasc02 said:
That face in the bottom left corner jumpscared me.

PrimalAgony said:
Relying on others always will not help you always if you can't provide an accurate answer without posting a link that might lead to a virus related website for the hell i know
1, Matti wouldn't just post a malicious link out of nowhere, because otherwise it would've happened much, much sooner.
2, You can always check the link yourself by quoting the message.
3, Wouldn't the picture be an adequate response to your question in this situation? You said you didn't understand how people could use these types of posts as wallpaper material, so Matti showed you that it looks pretty normal.
Mkay, fellas. Let's all calm down.
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