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Those weren't jpeg artifacts you cleaned up. Those were details. The artist exported this image at a true 100 jpeg with basically no jpeg artifacts in them.

edit: I would replace this if I were you
Just warning you, what the program reads from jpeg exif header may not always be correct. That is how I uploaded pictures with artifacts before by overly relying on ImageMagick. I assume what happens is file was exported twice, so wrong exif data is written. This is general info, I don't know what's going on with this particular image.
Oh I know that. But i swear on my mama those weren’t artifacts tho. I think those were details added on purpose (this image specifically)

I’ll check when I get to mah dorm… I… just accidentally dropped my mask and a big NYC cockroach walked all over it ✌🏼✨

Edit: and yeah, fuck artists that do that shit XD
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