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bed breasts elbow_gloves garter gloves green_eyes long_hair navel original purple_hair rodway stockings

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Keep both version? One with the blurry bg and one with clear? What you guys think?

Edit: Other than that, the artist is switching between these two versions the third time now. What the..?

Edit 2: Getting exhausted.

Edit 3: Another revision with a color change but I like the version from post #315578 more. It's not so dark. Only took the q one bc the pussy_juice is gone.

Edit 4: Please stop! D:
Will avoid this artist from now on..

Edit 5: *Looked at her Deletion-Counter and started crying*
hahaha another indecisive artist

It's just my opinion but i think it looks better without the blurry bg
It's getting annoying now. He changed it more than 5 times. Wtf..
Well now that i read the title is a commission, maybe who paid for the drawing is asking for the changes? i don't know
Well he makes it blurry, than clear, blurry again...
I can understand color changes but that?
Non blurry is better. More detail.
The revision genuinely looks better imo. I'd suggest replacing these.
I like the blurry BG more because it reminds me of how a camera would actually work. It would auto focus on the being/object in the foreground.
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