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I didn't know in what order to put the title and the queen's name.
We don't normally add titles to character tags. Wouldn't we normally go with annalise_(bloodborne) and maria_(bloodborne)? If we needed to differentiate between two characters with the same name from the game, I could see adding titles for clarification.

Though, the tags we have now are the same ones danbooru uses. So I guess it's fine that way.
See, I never knew those...names...weren't... I thought it WAS "Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower", "Gwynevere, Queen of Sunlight" (which, these wikis say it's "princess"), etc.

I didn't know we could just use their plain names.
Well, I've never played the game, but...

Who would name their baby "Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower"?

Before the existence of surnames (family names), people only had a simple given name. But depending on the region and the individual's background, various methods have been used for clarification (especially among the higher classes). For example:
  • _____ son of _____
  • _____ of Athens
  • _____ the Great
  • Lady _____
  • Lord _____
  • Princess _____
It's not like any of those prefixes or suffixes are part of their actual name.

Disclaimer: The following is based on literature and other stories, most likely all of which are far more recent than the time period they pertain to.

When someone is referred to as:
  • _____ of the clock tower.
  • _____ of the swamp.
  • etc.
That nearly always pertains to where they live, how they spend their time, or some significant event they were involved with. It's not like they were called that since birth and it can't really be considered a part of their name.
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