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Is this supposed to be the artist's waifus? Or are they all yandere?
otaku_emmy said:
Or are they all yandere?
Yeah, except Sakura, maybe I forgot something but I don't remember Sakura being yandere, one thing I remember about her is that she just suffers, I think she exists only to suffer in someone's hand.
I know that there's a Dark Sakura, so maybe that factors in to it?
It's possible since she becomes evil, but I looked and I didn't find anything to indicate that she is in the evil form, but it's just based on what i remember, maybe she is and I forgot, I just saw her evil version in the second movie (Heaven's Feel 2), there are also other media that I don't know about like games or manga etc, I also didn't watch the original fate, just from fate/zero, so for now I'll consider it as possibly true.
even in her dark form, sakura doesn't count as yandere, she just becomes crazy but not in terms of "love"
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