animal animal_ears bed braids brown_hair cat_smile dog doggirl dress hololive inugami_korone misoni_comi red_eyes socks summer_dress tail wristwear

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Comfy doggie.
Fepple said:

Comfy doggie.
If you go to "More>>", select "Recent Deletions" under "Posts", select the post number, then select "View archived file" you should be able to see it.

I'm pretty sure that's a universal feature, right? Not just a mod thing...
I don't see the "View archived file" option after selecting the post number of any deleted post. It must be a mod only feature
Dang. Well, this version is indeed much more vibrant. It was enough to warrant replacing yours.
Zolxys said:
Here's the replaced image.
Thanks mans. Now that I have a good look at it, the revised is much better than the old one.
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