barefoot blonde_hair bow civia dress flowers headband hololive horns long_hair purple_eyes ribbons siyumu sunflower

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Should we make a "hololive_china" tag?
mattiasc02 said:
Should we make a "hololive_china" tag?
Nope. If it's Hololive, it's Hololive. People can look up individual characters on their own.

I ain't in to making a bunch of copyright tags like Danbooru does.
Danbooru is chaotic is fuck with that shit likewise with Safebooru as people has uploaded not so safe for work pictures on there it doesn't expose any of the ahem private parts but it doesn't help that certain characters is shown in a certain bent over pose etc while wearing a bikini or whatever and someone just slaps a safe rating onto that cause who actually cares what people think? I don't.
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