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I hope this edit looks okay. It's the first time I ever tried extending letterbox.
it looks good to me too, are you using photoshop or gimp?

it's been a while since I edited something, I'm going to look for something.
RyuZU said:
it looks good to me too, are you using photoshop or gimp?
Just uh MS Paint. I zoomed way far in to line up the pink lines and just...did it. And I just have a USB mouse for input.
You can actually see where my line starts but, like I said, you'd have to zoom way in and look close.

I'm pretty proud of it. At least I know I can do it now.
Oh yeah I see it now (I took a quick glance but I decided to actually zoom zoom). Yes, but if you use the “clone tool” with precision of a birds eye, you can get pickle pockle perfect extensions.
Yeah. But most people don't zoom in 400x and inspect wallpapers like that. So it's fine. :3
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