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Maybe you need a break from uploading here. Seems you don't want to learn from our critism.
Yea seriously you need to learn to take some critism, And actually learn stuff from it.
He's lazy but he uploads good stuff, so I don't mind. Tagging is just a matter of time. Doesn't mean that he should continue to make someone else do his work though, I can see how that might annoy especially on a large scale.
It's not only the tagging. It's the rating too.
Would be cool if there was a punishment like, set a rate limit for him from 25 uploads a day to 1 upload, so if he wants to be lazy, at least he will only be able to do 1 post, so it wouldn't be very annoying as it is now. Maybe from that he would learn and eventually change his ways.
Desista DOES upload some gute stuff. If I can do it, you can do it too, Dreista! Bare minimum artist and copy/char tags and the rating :) if it’s hard to concentrate, try to focus on a post one at a time in your brain. It helps in the long run especially if you tend to think about your future posts rather than the one your focusing on.
Would be helpful when he stops uploading on two sides at the same time. He did a great job at the beginning though.
Oh yes… if that’s what he’s doing, Yes I’d suggest first, then Kona after. More structured.
I honestly just want to see this user getting punished one way or another.
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