2girls blush book demon fang hat koakuma long_hair patchouli_knowledge purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyes red_hair shirosato shirt skirt succubus suit tail tie touhou wings

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The way koakuma is drawn makes her look exactly like yoshida_yuuko a.k.a. Shamiko.
I mean - look at post #322590
Similiar, but one has horns and one has bat wings on the head. Big enough difference in my opinion.
Not enough of a difference if you can recognize the character. It indeed looks very similar to Shamiko; makes me think if it was a deliberate attempt at making them look similar (as if she's cosplaying as Koakuma ?)
Post 287281 has Shamiko as drawn by Shirosato. So it might just be a case of same face syndrome.
Yeah, I think Shirosato just has a simple style.

But, now that ya'll mention it, Koakuma and Yuuko do look rather similar anyways.
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