2girls animal_ears aqua_eyes blonde_hair gray_hair headband long_hair maid mataro_(mtr_prpr) purple_eyes skirt tagme_(character) thighhighs twintails vrchat yuri

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I can't even tell what's happening here.
Me neither. Looks like animal-girl is sitting on top of the other and is masturbateing? Her face and her arm position could implies it?
Seems to me more like she's getting aroused by other girl touching her tail.
That thing is a tail?
Hmm make sense.
yea seems like the girl at the back is combing her tail, i've heard some cat are very aroused when touched near the tail base
Those look more like feathers, I'm pretty those are wings, there is one on both sides. Doesn't Jibril from No Game No Life get aroused when her wings are touched?
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