aqua_eyes ass bed blonde_hair blush breasts cleavage dannex009 dress headdress long_hair male necklace nopan pointed_ears princess_zelda sex super_smash_bros. tears the_legend_of_zelda watermark

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Why is this tagged for smash, exactly?
darkxell said:
Why is this tagged for smash, exactly?
The artist has it labelled as such. Here's a link to a version of the image on Pixiv.
Because that guy is smashing her ass.
I know nothing about the game, but:

If only the image title is a parody, I wouldn't tag the copyright or add the parody tag.

On the other hand, if the image can be said to be parodying or referencing the game in some (even minor) way, then I would tag it.
...The artist used the tags "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate", "Smash Bros.", and "Zelda (SSBU)" so I don't think it's just a pun.

Upon Googling images of her character model in-game, this seems to be her costume in SSBU.
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