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VósMicêSama said:
The Hunchback of Komagane
I was wondering if someone was gonna bring that up. XD

If I remember how shiromuku work, I believe that's her obi under there.
What are you two dorks talking about exactly?
The workings of japanese traditional clothing is very much a mystery for most people.

In this image you see a woman with a haori (overcoat). The bulky side of her back is in fact a piece of garment. You wear the kimono as it were, and then you have the task of tying the obi (sash/belt) around your abdomen and into a knot behind you (think of a bathrobe, but very complicated). The frontal part should generally be viewed as "clean" while the back holds the work of art.

Although this generally applies to the female fashion (men wear a compact and unobtrusive obi).
PrimalAgony said:
What are you two dorks talking about exactly?
The "shiromuku" is a formal, white wedding kimono originally worn by women from samurai families.

more info

The "hump" is her obi under the outer kimono.

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P.S. Photos for reference: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
While that's true for shiromuku, this looks more like a hikifurisode tbh? Unless it's just the lighting which throws me off.

Then again, a hikifurisode is extraordinarily colourful...
Il admit i didn't expect to get such a great explination from the both of you, For that i thank thee for providing me with stuff i didn't know about.
Japanese fashion has interested me for a long time. Traditional and otherwise. One day I looked up what the wedding kimono were called, and the word stuck.

I'm pretty good with remembering words.
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